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  • FAST-PACED VISUAL CARD GAME – Called It! uses players’ quick-thinking, focus, lightning-fast reflexes to be the first one to spot and call out the biggest animal! Will you fumble between the fly, mouse, turtle, tiger and whale or call it right and win the game?
  • HOW TO PLAY – Players must turn over their topmost card in the center at the same time. The first player to call out the biggest animal that is turned over collects all the cards in the center and adds them to their pile! The player with all the cards at the end wins the game!
  • ACTION CARDS ADD TO THE FUN – Get ready to call out the biggest animal, but beware of Action Cards such as Flip it and Slam it, that make the game challenging!
  • EASY TO LEARN GAME WITH COUNTLESS REPLAY OPPORTUNITIES – Called It! is a super fun, fast-paced game that is simple to learn and easy to play with limitless replayability!
  • INCLUDES – 48 Game Cards, Instruction Manual and a handy box to store it all.
  • FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – An excitement-filled & engaging game for Family Game Night that can be thoroughly enjoyed by ages 5 and up!
  • PERFECT GIFT : Perfect for play dates, birthdays, game nights, camping trips, sleepovers, plane trips, gatherings and more!
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME – This card game for families is designed for 2-5 players and is suitable for ages 5 and up. The average playtime is 20 minutes.


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